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Spring 2 News Week 3 March 10th 2023

Good morning everyone,

I echo the children who said “why is it snowing in March!”  Hopefully you have all received the message via the app.

Some snow activities to try

Snow Day- Outdoor Learning

Today we would have awarded certificates to (will now do this on Monday)

Canada Class

F2 Noah Duke for his fantastic work in  phonics.
F1 Gracie Denham for sharing her knowledge on planting.

France Class

Arya-showing kindness towards a friend (and for super phonics!)
Kayven-for doing extra learning at home! Kayven is always engaged in his learning.

Australia Class

All of Y2 – for their resilience during test week and trying their very best.


Egypt Class

Isla – Tenacity worked hard to write a poem which she missed the input for die to illness.
Braxx – Tenacity for keeping going when he found the test hard.

Japan Class

Jacob Pearson – empathy
Michael Swinbourne – tenacity


Brazil Class

Melissa- For curiosity and asking questions about the learning taking place and previous learning.

Finlay- scholarship- remembering to use brackets in his writing.

Lewis O Neil- tenacity- really improving his handwriting this week and earning a pen.


Antarctica Class

Georgina Garbutt- aspiration-listening well and then achieving well in maths lessons

Have a good day and a relaxing weekend.

Mrs Mason

 Remember if children read at least 3 times in the week (proposed 3 x to encourage more children )and have their reading diary signed they can earn stickers on their chart. These stickers earn the children a prize for each milestone they hit. We will also feature their photo in the school hall and in this news post. So please support your child to read as much as possible. Thank you.


Key Dates


Tuesday 14th March- Y6 to Crucial Crew

15th and 16th- potential strike days- school open as normal

15th March- Mother’s day event

Friday 17th – Red Nose Day

Thursday 30th- Bring a decorated egg to school and Easter disco.

Friday 31st March- Easter bonnet decorating competition.

Friday 31st March- End of term. School closes until Monday 17th April

Monday 17th April- return to school.


Mental Health and our Active Challenge.
We have introduced our new weekly fitness challenge. This week we are challenging the children to see how many press ups they can do. We have asked James and Katie as Head Boy and Girl to count.


Draft homework policy

We discussed our draft homework policy with the school. Our next steps is to take feedback from parents, pupils and teachers. More information soon.

We have decided to encourage more children to get onto our Reading Challenge board by awarding stickers for those that read at least 3 days per week. Please help your child by signing their reading diary- thank you.

Maintaining good attendance at school- parents’ guide.

Children’s University

We will be awarding hours to children who volunteer in school for example as a Playground Leader, Eco or School Councillor.


  • Children receive a BRONZE certificate when children have collected 30 hours in their Passport to Learning.
  • The next one will be a SILVER certificate for 65 hours.
  • Then a GOLD certificate for 100 hours.
  • Thereafter, children will then get certificates at every stage of 3065 and 100 hours after that, all the way up to 1,000 hours!
  • Children only need to collect 30 hours in their passport to be invited to our Children’s University Graduation!
  • Children will be invited to the annual CU graduation ceremony held at Doncaster College & University Centre.
  • Children wear a mortar board cap and gown and are presented with a special graduation certificate.
  • Families, friends and teachers are invited, with talks from guest speakers and performances where possible

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