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Arranging for your child to come to Denaby Main….

” Your child…. YOUR choice”

First Impressions Count

Moving your child to a school is a big move and leap of trust for parents. You have to ensure YOU get it right for your child. For this reason we advise that you visit the school you are considering as the choice for your child.. In this visit you can learn so much.. Its not only what is said that may be important, but it is also what you see as you walk around…

* Do you feel welcome and comfortable in the school or do you feel pressurised and ” just another parent”?

* Do the children in school look happy?

* Are staff welcoming?

* Is the environment what you expected?

* Can you see your child fitting in here?

* Does the school support its learners well?

As a parent myself I knew immediately that how I felt about my daughter’s school reflected how she would feel. You know your own child, and whether the school is right for them

It is acceptable to say to a school I need more time to think, or to go away to consider what you have seen.

It’s okay to go back and ask further questions- remember you are investing in your child’s future!

Please see attached the Astrea Admissions Policy which details arrangements for selecting pupils and oversubscription criteria:

Admissions Policy


During the School Year

ALL admissions are processed by the Local Authority. If your child attends another school then the move should be discussed with the Head teacher. This meeting is not to dissuade you from moving but to give the school an opportunity to resolve any issues there may be. As we have said previously a change of school is a big decision and will impact on your child and their learning.

If you still decide to move your child, then your child’s current school MUST complete a transfer form. When YOU HAVE made a choice of school, this form should be taken to the school. The school will complete their section of the form. This is then sent to the Local Authority’s Admissions Department.


Nursery and Reception Admissions

Please use the link below to access the Doncaster Admissions website

When will my child start at a School Nursery?

If places are available children are eligible to be admitted the term after their third birthday and are admitted in criteria and date of birth order.

A child born between: Is eligible from the start of the:
1 September – 31 December Spring Term in January
1 January – 31 March Summer Term in April
1 April – 31 August Autumn Term in September

Any letters/offers we send will be in relation to a September start only. Once you have secured your September place, the school will contact you direct to offer any January or April starts.

If an early place is not available the Families Information Service can also provide you with details of other registered providers.

Session Times 

Denaby Main is able to offer flexible places as well as the traditional sessional places. Lunches are provided by our own kitchen and will be charged weekly. Breakfast club is available from 8am should you require your child to attend at a cost of 60p per day.

How do I apply?

Application packs are posted out to all Doncaster Residents who were registered with a Doncaster GP as of 1 May.  If you have changed your address or moved to Doncaster after this date, please contact Admissions if you could like an application pack sending to you or alternatively please complete the online application below.

Reception Admissions

Important Information – You must apply again for a Reception Place

Attendance at a school nursery does not give you a place.  There is no automatic right of admission into a reception class and all parents must apply for the school they wish to attend.



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