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Autumn 2 News Week 2 December 3rd 2021

Good morning everyone,

Yesterday in school I had a discussion with 2 of our Year 3 pupils about their super handwriting. We have decided that we will launch a new pen license system which we hope will improve children’s presentation of work even further. Children will be eligible for a pen license as soon as they are able to use joined handwriting across all of their workbooks. This will then mean they can write with a handwriting pen. Certificates and pens will be awarded each week.

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Well done to Narnia class for being the best class in the school this week for lining up quickly and quietly after lunch.

Certificates this week

Wonderland Class

Nico- you showed great aspiration for asking questions about the Christmas story.

Noah- you showed great aspiration for improved sitting and listening skills during learning time.


Oz Class

It is Amelia for ‘scholarship’. She presents her work beautifully and puts 100% into every piece of work. It is always high quality work that she should be proud of.


Neverland Class

Alya earns  the curiosity certificate. Alya loves learning and discovering new things. She has the confidence to ask and answer questions. Alya has settled well and made a fantastic start at Denaby Main


Narnia Class

Amelia- for great scholarship and always doing her best.


Secret Garden Class

Ethan F- for demonstrating lots of curiosity in his lessons.


Treasure Classes

Callie- for being a great learner and asking for help when she needs it.

Katie- for being a great support to everyone in her class.

Our behaviour strategy

I hope that at the end of each day the children will tell you all about getting their photograph on the pupil recognition board. The aim of this is to recognise when children are making the correct choices and their behaviour means that they and everyone else can learn. The best class for the amount of leaves is Treasure 1- well done!

Please download the app so that you can see how many Dojo points your child has earned.

I hope you have a good day and please either speak to me on the path or make an appointment if you have any concerns.

Thank you.

Mrs Mason


Advance Warning.

We will be organising a Christmas raffle- more information soon.

10th December -Christmas jumper and dinner day.

The last week of term is class party week.

17th December -Fun day ( non uniform) and buffet school lunch.

School closes for Christmas.


Christmas productions Covid style- this year we will record our Christmas creations so that you can view them at home. These will be available during the last week.

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