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Curriculum Intent at Denaby Main.

  • Our curriculum is underpinned by our core values -scholarship, tenacity, curiosity, aspiration and empathy. An understanding of these is taught throughout the discrete subject areas as well as through our shared activities and assemblies. Each week at our celebration assembly we highlight children who have demonstrated an understanding of these values.​
  • We are proud to be a primary academy which has strong links with the local community. Many of our children’s parents attended Denaby Main Academy and there is a rich history surrounding the school.​ Therefore, we believe that our curriculum should educate all children about their role within the world and the positive impact they can have on their own lives and those around them. Our curriculum aims to develop curious, resilient learners who are well rounded members of society.
  • We believe that all children should have access to as many opportunities as possible so that they develop a broad knowledge and understanding of the world and their role within it. We encourage our children to develop independence and resilience and to have high aspirations for themselves.
  • We believe that all children should be exposed to activities and situations where they develop a broad range of interpersonal skills and an understanding of diversity and tolerance. We teach children to develop a sense of responsibility
  • We teach children the importance of being both a good listener and a good communicator. We emphasise team working and the growth in confidence to feel proud.
  • All subject leaders are given training and opportunities to keep developing their own subject knowledge, skills and understanding so that they can support ongoing curriculum development and their colleagues throughout the school.​
  • Theme weeks, whole school activities and opportunities within and outside school all enrich and develop the children’s learning. After school clubs and events extend these opportunities further. Additional whole school programmes and approaches support quality teaching and learning.​

Curriculum Drivers

At Denaby Main Academy we believe that our curriculum should offer children not only the National Curriculum but life skills and experiences beyond this. With this in mind; we have worked to prioritise the things we want our children to experience during their time with us. We use these ‘drivers’ to underpin all the work we undertake in all areas of school life and to ensure our curriculum offer is enriched and personalised to our children and their families. We have 5 drivers that underpin every decision we make regarding our children’s learning and experiences in school, these drivers are personal to our school and reflect the social and educational needs of our local area.

Our drivers are:  Scholarship, Curiosity, Tenacity, Empathy and Aspiration.



We will be informed by the best academic and organisational thinking and research, using this where we can and expanding it where possible.


We will ask searching questions; not take things on face value, seek out the best of what is known and engage in appreciative enquiry.


We will deliver on our promise and see things through to completion. We will embody pace, urgency and determination in our focus on improving outcomes for children and our own performance.


Empathy means the ability to share another person’s feelings or experiences by imagining how it would feel to be in their situation. We aim to develop children’s empathy by encouraging them to talk about and express their emotions in a positive manner. Throughout the curriculum we aim to shine a light on other people’s feelings and situations.


Aspiration is the hope or ambition to achieve something.  We believe that the development of aspirations encourages children to take pride in themselves and be the very best they can be. It is essential that our children are made aware of the range of possibilities that are available to them during their time with us, and beyond. We therefore seek to understand, recognise and promote the skills, qualities and capabilities of each child.

Our Curriculum Implementation.

  • The curriculum at Denaby Main Academy is built upon the primary National Curriculum 2014.
  • Annual and termly plans are created and knowledge organisers are shared with parents. These highlight key skills, knowledge and vocabulary which the children will learn as part of the subject. These are placed on our website.
  • We recognise that the impact of Covid 19 has led to some children having gaps in key skills and knowledge. Teachers plan to close these gaps throughout their daily teaching as well as in the provision for intervention.
  • The school is also further developing the curriculum through our Enrichment programme. Each term pupils choose from a range of activities designed to further develop knowledge and skills. For example drama, growing our own food, cheerleading or sewing.







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