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Our music curriculum is facilitated using the  music scheme Charanga Music School. Charanga Musical School is a world-leading music teaching and learning platform, which is recognised internationally as promoting a modern and vibrant class music programme.

Children engage in music through a cyclical curriculum, that provides opportunities to re-visit musical concepts and skills across a wide variety of activities and genres, enabling a secure understanding and deeper development of musical skills.

Our music curriculum offers a child-led approach to musical learning, providing opportunities to create, play, perform, explore, and enjoy music and appreciate a variety of musical styles and genres. Children are given opportunities to use a range of tuned and untuned instruments to compose, perform and share with an audience.  A love of music is fostered through musical games. Children develop their musical skills, knowledge and understanding of music and ultimately a love of music which they can carry with them for the rest of their lives. The curriculum provides further opportunities for personal, spiritual, moral, social, and cultural development.

Music is taught both discretely and is embedded in the day-to-day, cross-curricular learning. Additionally, music and singing are an integral part of our assemblies. Our school has a choir, who are given opportunities to perform within the local community and beyond, for example, participating in Young Voices, Sing Up Day and Make Music Day.


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EYFS Links to National Curriculum (Reception.)

EYFS Links to National Curriculum ( Nursery)

2023 KS1 Annual Plan – updated May 23

Annual Plan KS2 2023 – updated May 23

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