School Alerts

Children’s University and clubs offer.

School Council have asked us to look at organising more school clubs. We are currently working on this. Clubs change each half term. We will tell you about these on our daily newspost.

Each Friday afternoon the children can choose an enrichment activity such as gardening, learning to play the recorder or baking.  We build up skills and knowledge throughout the year.

We also have lunchtime clubs. Children choosing these clubs earn hours towards Children’s University graduation.

Children can also volunteer to carry out a role in school such as becoming a Playground Leader or an Eco Councillor. These volunteer hours count towards university hours

Children’s University

We will be awarding hours to children who volunteer in school for example as a Playground Leader, Eco or School Councillor.


  • Children receive a BRONZE certificate when children have collected 30 hours in their Passport to Learning.
  • The next one will be a SILVER certificate for 65 hours.
  • Then a GOLD certificate for 100 hours.
  • Thereafter, children will then get certificates at every stage of 3065 and 100 hours after that, all the way up to 1,000 hours!
  • Children only need to collect 30 hours in their passport to be invited to our Children’s University Graduation!
  • Children will be invited to the annual CU graduation ceremony held at Doncaster College & University Centre.
  • Children wear a mortar board cap and gown and are presented with a special graduation certificate.
  • Families, friends and teachers are invited, with talks from guest speakers and performances where possible




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