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Chartwells Caterers at Denaby Main Primary Academy

We passionately believe that all Astrea children should be able to have a tasty, nutritious meal at school every day, and so we are delighted to be letting you know that we have appointed Chartwells as our new caterer across our family of primary schools in South Yorkshire.

Chartwells serve over 2,000 schools across the country and pride themselves on freshly prepared, healthy meals.

Chartwells will now be providing meals at Denaby Main Primary Academy and they will be writing to you shortly with more information. If you have any questions in the meantime, please do get in touch in the usual way.

Please see link below for the Autumn/Winter Menu and details of which week you need to look at: 

Summer menu

Summer Menu

Week commencing dates:


The cost of a meal is £2.40 per day – £12.00 per week.


School Meals should be paid using MCASapp

Please ask at the school office if you do not have your login details or if you have any queries regarding school meals in general.


Chartwells Medical Diet Policy

Please see attached documents if your child has a medically diagnosed dietary requirement, e.g. diagnosed food allergies, intolerances and metabolic disorders.

Please note that medical evidence will be required to confirm the diagnosis.

Please contact the school office to discuss any dietary requirements – Chartwells are unable to provide a school meal until a diet has been approved.

Chartwells Medical Diet Parent Introduction Letter

Medical Diets Parents Guide v1

Medical Diet Request Form

Medical Diet Evidence Support Form v1

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