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School Council

Welcome to Denaby Main School Council

Our role is to help the Headteacher, Staff and Governors in their mission to improve our school and make it even more successful.

In September, each class nominates and votes for a girl and a boy who they think would make a good School Council member.

We have  members from each class starting from Oz Class and their photographs are displayed on the School Council board in our school hall.

The School Council meet regularly with Mrs Mason to discuss lots of different things. We talk about what we would like to do, things we would like to buy, how we can improve playtimes and make them more fun etc.

This year we have..

Raised money for the people of Ukraine.

Raised money for Comic Relief and the NSPCC.

Purchased more playground equipment, football nets and a basketball hoop.

Encouraged our teachers to book more trips.

Asked the midday supervisors to reinstate the Top Table.

Discussed behaviour and agreed to lock up scooters and bikes during the day.

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