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Summer 2 News Week 1 June 7th 2023

Good morning everyone,

This week classes are learning about a different religion. Connor Joe (Y3) showed me his beautiful rangoli patter flower (Hinduism.) Year 1 explained that they were learning about how God created the world (Christianity.)

In assembly we talked about why it was decided that there would  be a World Environment Day. We were very impressed with Kaine’s explanation of why we should look after the planet.

Has anyone got any spare boys dressing up clothes suitable for ages 4 and 5? If so please drop them into the office. Thank you.

Have a good day.

Mrs Mason

School Council notes

Class Conference discussion of the week.

She speaks differently. I don’t want to play with her!


Mental Health and our Active Challenge.

 Year 5 will have swimming as their PE for this term. If there is time, then we may do some more PE activities during the week but they can be in uniform for these. Thank you.
The School Council’s draft homework policy begins this term.
Thank you for your support with this.


Homework will be given out on Friday for a Thursday return. Please support your child to remember to do this- thank you.

We have introduced artist of the term.


Music opportunities in Doncaster.


 Remember if children read at least 3 times in the week and have their reading diary signed they can earn stickers on their chart. These stickers earn the children a prize for each milestone they hit. We will also feature their photo in the school hall and in this news post. So please support your child to read as much as possible. Thank you.

Maintaining good attendance at school- parents’ guide.

Children’s University

We will be awarding hours to children who volunteer in school for example as a Playground Leader, Eco or School Councillor. Children also earn hours for taking part in lunchtime and after school clubs.

Key Dates




10th and  11th July- De Warenne Year 6/7 transition

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