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Year 4 Curriculum

Year 4- Japan Class.

Welcome to our web page where you can find out lots of interesting information about our class.


Class Information:

Our class teacher is Miss Houston.


Year 4  Curriculum.

Click here to view the annual overview for 2022- 2023

Curriculum overview KS2 final


Knowledge Organisers- work in progress

If you click here  you will be able to download the knowledge organisers for Science, Geography, History and Art.



Science- Knowledge-Organiser-sci4ab   Knowledge-Organiser-sci4aa

Geography- Knowledge-Organiser-geo4ab Knowledge-Organiser-geo4aa

History- Knowledge-Organiser-his4aab

Art- Knowledge-Organiser-art4ab  Knowledge-Organiser-art4aa



Science- Y4-Ecology-KO-RE Y4-Sound-KO-RE

Geography- Y4-Eastern-Europe-KO-RE-1 Y4-Northen-Ireland-KO-RE-1

History- Y4-The-Rise-and-Fall-of-the-Roman-Empire-KO-RE-2 Y4-Life-in-Ancient-Rome-KO-RE-2

Art- Y4-Monuments-of-Ancient-Rome-KO-RE (1) Y4-Byzantine-Monuments-KO-RE-1


For more information about the Year 4  curriculum and how parents can support children’s learning, click on the image below.



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