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We have a school uniform, which we expect all children to wear daily.  School dress should be comfortable and practical. Designer fashion items are not allowed. Jewellery must NOT be worn.  Shoes should be black in colour, have low heels and offer good support – trainers  (Black with no luminous stripes)or lace-ups are ideal.  The school uniform items are navy blue sweatshirts or cardigans over a white T-shirt and grey or black trousers or skirts.  All items of uniform with the school logo can be purchased online.  The uniform company will also provide fleeces and waterproofs to order.   In summer, plain shorts and white T-shirts are acceptable for boys and blue gingham dresses for girls.

For Physical Education (P.E.). children need to wear a white t-shirt, black shorts and black trainers or pumps. In winter, children may wear plain black tracksuit bottoms or leggings.

Ear rings should be removed on the days your child has PE. If this is not possible then unless you specifically request us not to, we will provide your child with micropore tape to place over them for the duration of the lesson.